Electronic Drug Regimen Review (e-DRR)

Ongoing e-DRR greatly reduces adverse drug effects related to incorrect dosing, frequency and drug interactions. With the aide of electronic medication surveillance, our clinicians are in an optimal position to assure all drug indications are accurate, clearly listed and all disease opportunities are appropriately treated.

MPN Electronic Drug Regimen Review System

  1. Resident's medication history is collected to verify an accurate, current profile
  2. MPN clinicians reconcile each profile to use as the basis for writing new orders
  3. Ongoing e-DRR surveils the profile for newly added diagnoses and medications to monitor for drug-drug/drug-symptom/drug-disease interactions
  4. Ongoing verification is performed by providers familiar with the patient avoiding treatment inconsistencies
  5. Risk/benefit statements, medication indications and potential drug alerts are proactively documented to exceed current care standards and regulatory requirements

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