About Us

Nursing and assisted living facilities trust Mobile Physician Network to deliver specialty care to their residents. MPN believes participation in the medication use process is one of the most important functions in optimizing resident care. Our clinicians use patent pending PAR 3 EMR technology to assist the Consultant Pharmacist in actively managing the MAR.

MPN uses PAR 3 to perform ongoing electronic Drug Regimen Review (e-DRR) to reduce medication usage by 20 percent or more. Our goals are to proactively meet regulatory guidelines, prevent adverse events from medication interactions, reduce hospital admissions and lower healthcare costs. Our Facility Partners realize lower medication costs and nursing administration times.

Our innovative group is powered by PAR 3 EMR, the clinician-centric electronic medical record designed specifically for documentation compliance with nursing home regulations. This technology creates new opportunities for networked clinician communication and uses e-DRR to raise the bar and make a difference in long term care healthcare delivery.

For more information on the innovative PAR 3 EMR go to www.par3emr.com